Soaking in the Culture of the East
      A Language and Culture Exchange Program  by  Pingtung Girls’ High School     
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Program Goal:
  1. Through the various activities related to Chinese culture, we hope that the foreign students could know about Taiwan more. At the same time, it helps make our school more internationalizing.
  2. By hosting foreign students around the world, we hope that our students could learn more about the world and could further think of their role as a global citizen. 
Program Description:
This program allows a cultural exchange between the overseas students and our students by arranging foreign students and our students together experiencing different courses apart from having foreign students to experience the rich history and beauty of the Taiwanese culture through a variety of educational and travel activities.
Duration of the program:
    The 2010 program is a two-week program. It will begin on April 6 and will end on April 17. The overseas students must arrive at Ping-Tung, Taiwan by April 5th
  1. The age of applicants should be between 15 and 18.
  2. The applicants should be female.  
  3. Applicants are responsible for obtaining their own passports, visas, health insurance required for the trip.
  1. a completed application form
  2. a homestay application form
  3. a copy of a recent physical examination performed within the past six months. 
  4. a sheet of brief self introduction 
  5. proof of medical insurance and a statement showing that the insurance covers expenses 
 incurred during international travel.
Download Application Form
Application deadline is January 31st, 2010             Download  
  1. Oversea students will reside with host families while in Taiwan.
  2. The meals will be offered by the host school and host families for oversea students during the week days in School. 
  3. The transportation fare related to the program will be offered by the host school.
  1. Oversea students are responsible for the cost of flight tickets, their passports, visas, health insurance, and personal purchases made while in Taiwan.
  2. 200 US dollars allowance is advised, including the souvenirs and the tickets for extra activities on the weekend.
Ideas of the curriculum:
Through the intensive interaction with oversea students for two weeks, we hope that the English ability of our students can make a big progress,    especially in the parts of listening and speaking. Besides, we want them to realize the importance of English when they need to communicate with foreigners in a global market in the future.       
Lesson Plan Outlines        Download